New Container OLYMPIA

November 29, 2021

EUROCONTAINER, with regards of European Year of the Railroad presents OLYMPIA, its latest sliding tarpaulin Swap Body product.

This new solution derives from years of R+D investment and continuous improvement based on studies and exchange information with our clients.

Swap Body Characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 13.716 (45 ft) x 2.550 x 2.900 mm
  • C-45 Gauge
  • Tare 4.100 kgs
  • MGW 34.000 kgs
  • Homologation: EN 12642 XL and EN12640
  • Approval for Railroad Traffic (ATF)


MULTILOCK fastening system in both sides of the swap body.
Roof Material: Tarpaulin, aluminum or steel.
Liftable roof
Spool Carriers
Special body for woodchips transportation, etc.

OLYMPIA stands out due to its low tare which allows for a higher gross weight capacity. Manufactured with latest developed materials places OLYMPIA with the lightest of the market.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a functional bodywork that offers higher security, efficiency and commodity regarding its use and time saving during loading and unloading.

Eurocontainer´s proposal for European Year of the Railroad for 2.021 was to develop the 1st 45 ft Swap Body with sliding tarpaulin, liftable roof and UNE-EN 12642 XL and UNE-EN 12640 certification in Spain.

With OLYMPIA and the rest of intermodal solutions offered by our company, we intend to achieve a sustainable and safe transport methodology by reducing CO2 emissions.

Innovation and quality is what defines a leader from the rest.



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