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We work under the criteria of the UNE EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification

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01 / Containers

The dry container offers a solution for each problem. It is adapted to the transport of general cargo by land, sea and air. The container size varies in length, height and width.


02 / Swap bodies

Swap bodies are units designed for the transportation of general cargo, optimally adapted depending on the ground vehicles, and equipped with the right devices for the transfer between modes, usually road/train. They can be manipulated with clamps and slings.


03 / Semi-trailers

Vehicles specially designed for the transportation of clothes. They are equipped in the inside with galvanized key hole plates where the clothing bars will be attached.


04 / Tank containers

These type of Containers are the perfect solution for the transport: liquids, gases, powders/granulates, foodstuffs, cryogenics, etc.


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Our main aim is the design, manufacture and developof every type of containers, swap bodies, semi-trailers, tank containers and complementary parts.

We have an extensive knowledgebase and skillsin the field of manufacturing metallic structures, which have been definedontransport and logistics markets and in this way be able to attend to the requirements which always appear.

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Appearance of the Eurocontainer group in the program broadcast by Aragon Television Mobile Unit.

Bespoke Containers


At Eurocontainer, thanks to our great experience, we are able to manufacture all types of containers according to the needs that our customers require.

  • Containers with CSC certificate and CE marking
  • 20 ‘, 40’, Offshore and special measures
  • Insulated and thermally insulated containers
  • alse ground for equipment wiring
  • all kinds of access doors Vents
  • Equipment support profiles
  • We support companies from different sectors: wind, solar, oil and gas, nuclear …


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